Sugar Cane Soap

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Sugarcane juice is known for hydration and rebalancing. Grown on our island home which was once known as Sugar City for its monoculture crop during slavery today we no longer produce sugar. Instead Instead our Instead our young men have found income by juicung the sugar cane.We support their entrepreneurial spirit by purchasing their fresh squeezed cane juice for our soap making.Sugar cane is a rich source of glycolic acid which helps to naturally condition and moisturize tthe skin. It is also a major source of lactic acid that has the capacity to leave your skin feeling silky smooth because it helps exfoliate by removing your damaged, dry and dead skincells by promoting the growth of new skin. Enriched with sugar cane, coconut oil and various Ayurvedic ingredients it is specially formulated to keep your skin soft and glowing throughout the day.

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