The Mission

It is our mission to merge nature and traditional practices of the Caribbean to create beauty and wellness solutions that encourage health and wellness. Our innovation blend nature, herbal remedies and traditional beauty and dietary practices to create an Eco-system for nutrition security, environmental preservation and regeneration; using Caribbean agricultural produce as a vehicle for inspiration, job creation, wealth generation and cultural regeneration for a positive social and economical impact to our society.

Our Vision

Offer value through ethically produced plant based products that enhance and support healthy lifestyles.

Small Batch – Authenticity

We create our products in small batches that merge nature and traditional practices, inspired by time tested teachings and infused with Caribbean culture and life. We create our products using and listing natural ingredients with names you can recognize and a level of attention and passion that is all our own. When you buy from us you are getting truly handmade products that will entice your taste buds with exotic and eclectic offerings. Our products are made with love and large scale quality and care.

No to GMO

Sugar Town Organics was created by a mother and daughter duo who together farm in our available yard space growing all of the herbs that are used to add natural flavor and herbal and medicinal elements to many of our products. Additionally we source produce from Green Thumb Farm a small farm to table farm located in close proximity to our location which is on a natural agriculture belt as it was formerly used to grow sugar cane in the era of King Sugar. Our farmers take care to maintain and improve the health of the soil and as a result the surrounding environment while providing fresh and healthy, nutrient rich foods harvested at the peak of ripeness.

We also source produce from several female farmers who sell their produce at the local market and road side such as Faye, Mertrice and Mrs. Petes. We carefully chose our suppliers to ensure they adhere to our ethos of organic growing. We also chose to work with our female farmers in a bid to support women and at risk men who are making positive steps, supporting their families and communities by starting their own businesses.

It’s All Natural

History, food and culture have always been at the center of cultural growth, the Caribbean is a mecca rich with all of these with a flavorful palette all its own influenced by a history and at points imposing cultures making for tragedies but also depictions 0f strength, creativity and resilience.  This is the background from which we build as we propose a re-influence of our cultural palette not just in our food preparation but also in our daily beauty regime.

As agro-processors and producers we have proposed a range of products that infuse cultural flavors, traditional fruits and vegetables and infusions from our marine environment to re-invigorate meal time and beauty in new and intriguing ways.

Created by a mother and daughter duo who believe that you are what you eat and beauty starts from the inside out, we do not use chemical preservatives or artificial flavors, no sulphites are used in our wine creations which are made using organic means from the alternative use of natural material to supply tanning and yeast nutrient.

Your skin is your largest organ, one which absorbs the majority of what you put on it. Why not apply products that are both nutritious and beneficial to your health.


It is our aim to create a strong and vibrant company that is truly Caribbean branded and offering beauty and wellness solutions that elevate and revitalize the value chain of our agriculture sector across the Caribbean through its people, culture and food while leaving and entrepreneurial legacy for generations to come.