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We started making our Health and Wellness Products due to sensitive skin issues in the family, then cancer struck, and we needed natural alternatives. Our mom chose to fight cancer the natural way, and so we began making not just some but all of our daily skin and hair care products using recipes handed down through generations of women. We now create diverse botanical formulations using raw, active, high performance ingredients, infusing Caribbean flavor, culture, beauty traditions and remedies for everyday living. Join us on our journey as we fuse our culture, heritage, traditions and foods to promote better health and wellbeing.

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Our Story


Sea moss is a great addition to your skin care regiment! In its natural state the color varies between red-ish/brown-ish purple to green-ish yellow. It is known as a superfood offering a variety of benefits to the body both externally and internally. Sea Moss is a free floating or fixed “red seaweed” which we farm in the Atlantic ocean on the eastern side of our island home and provides many benefits to the body. A species of red algae this particular variety is often sourced from the Chrondrus Crispus specis or the genus Gracilaria, which is a less leafy variety. Though not commonly used as an ingredient within cosmetic products, Sea Weed can be surprisingly beneficial for your skin.

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We believe that skincare can be nutritional and good food most definitely must be! As a result we don’t take shortcuts. We grow and source foods pollinated by animals such as bees as that is where the nutritionally rich content foods are found.

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