Making your own liquid handsoap at home

As our prime minister declared a state of emergency implementing a national curfew I decided to create some nifty products for my home.

First up was some liquid hand soap. You see as our economies shrink I determined that spending cash on something that could be made affordably was not wise. Instead I decided to re-use old pump containers to make liquid soap for the children to use. Even at home good hygiene is still very very important.

Bamboo Charcoal Soap

We have an abundance of charcoal soap and so this is what was used to create this homemade soap. You can be as creative as you would like using any bar soap available. I prefer to use natural soap because of course I make them.

Charcoal soap cut into chunks

For this batch we only use half of the soap. I cut the halved bar into smaller pieces to make it easier to insert into the bottle. After adding the cut pieces of the charcoal soap to the bottle I filled to the top with water and left it over night.

Soap chunks being dissolved in distilled water.

The following morning I check the bottle and saw that the soap was pretty much dissolved. Give your bottle a quick shake and voila you have a liquid soap. Pretty easy 🙂

Soap bar dissolved!

There was a small bit of soap mush on the bottom of the bottle. However I noted that another day and this too disappeared. I added a small amount of sunflower oil, vitamin E essential oils of grapefruit and tangerine to my soap to make it just a bit extra. Soft hands are after all important as well.

Liquid soap made at home ready to use.


Now for the lather test!

It lathers up quite nicely 🙂

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