Coconut Challenge and the Culinary Experience

St. Kitts & Nevis Restaurant Week is always a time for us to showcase limited edition innovative products that may or may not be added to our product line. It is a time when our twin island home shows up and off their innovation when it comes to food production and crafting with local ingredients.

Now in its 5th year the St. Kitts Nevis Restaurant Week, happening July 18th to 28th features ‘Coconut’ and so the many products that can be made with or using coconut. Most of the restaurants around the island will be hosting ‘Special Menu’ dinners, lunch, breakfast where at a special rate you can enjoy coconut inspired dishes. Some may even boast their award winning dishes having been adjudged winners during the pre-event Restaurant Week Cook Off Challenge.

We have held such a prestigious honor in the past having won in year two with the Pumpkin Wine produced under our Flauriel brand in the drink category and year three with our Yam Health Bar. This year we did not participate in the challenge due to timing conflicts however we were able to craft three beverages that showcases the versatility of coconut in healthy drinks.

Fusion Beverages

Coco Mango Nectar, made with fresh coconut water and mango pulp.
Coconut n Soursop Juice that features a low sugar formula. The sweeteners are produced by the coconut milk and fresh soursop.
Sea Moss (Irish Moss) Coconut Punch, an alcoholic beverage featuring local rum Caramay.
Our Coconut n Lime Jam and Coconut Vinaigrette will also be available for purchase.

Coconut n Lime Jam

Our food brand is not the only place you will find coconut! Within our cosmetic line coconut also features. The herbal soaps all uses coconut oil. We produce a Coconut Soap made using coconut oil, milk, water, dried shredded coconut and extract. The Nettle Hair Growth Serum also uses coconut oil as well as the Clarifying Shampoo.

The next tasting showcase will be held in Nevis the following Saturday and you do not want to miss it! So if you are in St. Kitts Nevis be sure to stop by The Artisan Village between 2pm to 5pm to taste what Nevis has to offer! We will definitely be there!
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