Foraging for food and medicine

As our world narrows as Covid-19 sweeps through our nations, those of us with still relative free movement are in preparation mode as we try to safe guard our families, communities and countries against this virus and put in place protocols to limit it’s effects on our economies and overall lives.  As many run to the supermarkets to stock up on food, I found myself instead heading out on a foraging trek for fresh fruits that are now in season. You see medicine is also necessary and what better place to find medicine than out in nature.

Rough lemon blossoms

A trek that started out as a search for rough lemons turned into a general hunt for cooling, purifying and filtering plants. Lucky for us they also look fantastic when in bloom.


They were several great finds this journey as I netted the beloved ylang-ylang tree which I had thought was almost extinct from the island as well as the cinnamon leave tree. Trumpet leaves made up our medicinal. wonder cache.

Trumpet leaf

Trumpet leaves (they may be known by other names on other parts of the world) are used to treat bad colds that seat themselves in the lungs and sit on the chest. Grandma’s wisdom as it comes to herbs is becoming quote handy. It is believed that the leaves are only effective if picked dried from the tree.

In these uncertain times I would encourage you to stock up on your herbal medicine, include your natural and medicinal juices in your dietary regime so that we can build our immune defense in this time where diseases are becoming more prolific and travel the globe at a swift pace. Staring a back yard garden where you grow a mix of food crops and medicinal and cooking herbs is a great way to ensure we have access to some of these ingredients without having to travel too far.

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