Handmade Soap vs Store Bought

Do you know why store bought “soap” or body cleansers are actually called beauty bars, body bars, deodorant soap, body washes or moisturizing bars and handmade soap is called ‘soap’?

This is because they are detergents or rather chemical cocktails made of detergents and synthetic ingredients.  Legally, they cannot be sold as “soap”.

It is known that some of the chemicals found in the beauty bars at the store havr been linked to various forms of cancer, reproduction disorders, dehydrate the skin, cause allergic reactions, irritate the skin and cause aging.

If the chemicals in beauty bars are bad for us individually, imagine how they affect the planet on a large-scale.

If you live in a Caribbean country like we do where our waste water sometimes runs off into your yard where you have your tea herbs growing, food planted or heads down to a beach, or gets soaked into the ground making its way to the water table. The potential effects to the land, sea life, coral reef, food, etc is exponential.

Handmade soaps are made using ingredients that you know, consume and that are chock full of beneficial nutrients. Glycerin a precious emollient that softens and maintains water balance by attracting moisture to your skin is formed naturally in handmade soaps and retained. In commercial soaps glycerin is extracted and reserved for higher priced body care.

Vegetable Glycerin

Also, often plant material that offer additional benefits are added in the handmade soap making process offering aid for minor skin associated ailments. These ingredients are also environmentally friendly, not tested on animals and good for you.

Now if variety is important to you and you believe it is the spice of life then handmade soap won’t disappoint! No matter your skin type or personal preferences, there is a soapmaker out there who is creating just what your skin and senses crave at bath time. Not all handmade soap is alike and there are an infinite number of recipes and flavors for you to choose from. Handmade soap can run the gamot of naturea offerings so have fun shopping around or chatting it up with a soapmaker next time you visit to make a purchase. We are dedicated to helping you discover the joy of happy and healthy skin just the way nature intended and you like it!

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Handmade soap by Yaphene

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