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Self Care – I’ve been staying put to adhere to the tenets of social distancing, a public health measure that has been undertaken by many countries to reduce the spread of the virus. Social distancing is something we all should be doing. I do understand the impossibility of doing so with your immediate family living in the same house. While at home, particularly if you are not working from home it is quite easy to become a little stir crazy. Facebook and other social outlets and rven the radio more often than not can help rise anxiety levels as you are bombarded by the heartbreaking stories coming out of patients and countries suffering through this outbreak.

What can you do to stay sane while keeping yourself and others safe during the virus outbreak? Here are a couple suggestions about how to stay occupied.


There is an entire universe of free exercise classes on YouTube (I’m partial to yoga, and some instructors are live-streaming their classes from home. If you are not in actual quarantine, go for a walk or run laps in your yard or start a home garden. Trust me you will get plenty exercise from that activity.


Meditation helps to calm the mind, body and spirit. As a plus, if you have the yard space go on out and lay flat on the ground. This helps with pain after thirty minutes or so. As a migraine sufferer this is one trick I learned early on thanks to my mom. Laying on the ground outside also helps align your spine reducing that back pain, reduce stress, corrects your posture and some say the earth helps the cleansing process of the body. When your bare feet or skin comes in contact with the earth, free electrons are taken up into the body.  These electrons referred to as nature’s biggest antioxidants help neutralise damaging excess free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body. (Read more on this in a follow up post)

Limit your time online

If you are having trouble doing so on your own then installing a website blocker will temporarily force you offline. I’ve found engaging in activities with the family to be a great distraction. Play games, tell stories, remember events that happened long ago that makes everyone laugh, teach a new disk. There is so much that as families we can engage in to keep ourselves busy and connected to each other.

Take a bath/shower

A relaxing bath can made better with bubbles, salts, oils, candles, scrubs and face masks. This routine can also be done in absence of a bathtub. Simply light your favourite scented candle, face mask, body scrub, bath oil and enjoy. There is more inspiration for such small luxuries on pinterest many of which you can do at home. If you have any of our skin care produfts and aroma mood setting candles then you have the basics to get started. Don’t neglect your skin and hair care needs during this time.

Think about what you’re grateful for

You can do this in a journal, writing down one gratitude a day, or doodling out people, pets, shapes and other things you’re grateful for in a sketchbook.

Embrace a hobby

Partake in a hobby that you really do just for fun. Do something with your hands: crocheting, beading, embroidery, farming, play a game, woodworking can provide great release.

Read out loud

With our children at home with plwnty work to do this may be an opportune time tp time them onto reading by reading with them. For the little ones make it fun, act out the characters with them. Also for yourself just read, period.

Cook and bake

I know, for many, cooking at home is and/or can be intimidating—and nobody wants a recipe to go wrong when they’re already managing the stress of the world beyond their front doors. But instead of being an added source of stress, in a time of self-imposed isolation, cooking can be an act of self-care, relaxation, adventure and discovery not just for you but your entire family. Remember eat healthy during this period, fresh fruits and vegetables are still a must and an ideal source of vitamins and minerals our bodies need to remain healthy.


Organize the drawer that has been begging for order, rearrange the living room furniture, or finally get your filing cabinet in order. This is a perfect time to get your spring cleaning done and has the added bonus of helping you cleanse your space.

Watch something upbeat

It’s highly tempting to catch up on prestige TV right now, but a lot of current critically-acclaimed shows tend to be depressing or stressful. So throw in something fun, like a musical or a comedy. Some of my girlfriends have been catching up on their favorite TV series or re-watching an old show.

Learn something new

There’s a nearly unlimited number of online classes that are actually free right now. From art to dance, to cooking to coding, to formulating a new skin care product, you can take a free class and add to your skill set.

Remember that you’re not alone

These tips are about self-care, but humans generally need community to be happy. My daughter and her friends do a joint whatsapp call nightly where they talk school work, school, tease each other and generally stay ip to date on how each person is coping. If you have great relationships with your co-workers jump on Google hangout or FaceTime your friends and family abroad. Also: if you’re still able to go outside help the elderly in your neighbourhood with grocery shopping.

Check out the bingo chart below for a fun game to do with friends. You can change up the tasks to suit. Be sure to set a winning gift 🙂

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